Wet Waste Management


The UNEP Food Waste Index Report, 2021 highlights the concerning issue of food waste worldwide. In India, the household food waste is estimated at 50 kg per capita per year. This wastage not only impacts the environment but also has severe economic and social consequences. In response to this issue, we at Ceiba Green Solutions, are turning to composting as a solution.

As part of our wet waste management solutions, we help individuals and bulk waste generators like schools, canteens, temples, residential apartments and institutions to manage their wet waste on the premises. We are committed to providing a hassle-free experience by providing holistic waste management solutions including waste audit, training on waste segregation, consultation on space and design considerations, hand holding support to staff involved in the process of composting, providing microbial solutions to ensure an odour free compost treatment along with harvesting support.

We clearly define our wet waste management practices and provide customers with accurate information through a monitoring component about the process and other relevant details. We recognize the value of creating compost as it not only reduces food waste, cuts greenhouse gas emissions, stops landfill pollution but also creates a valuable resource that can be used in agriculture.