Waste Free Events


Events of all types and sizes (conferences, weddings, sporting events, concerts, all kind of parties) can generate a significant amount of waste. From disposable cups and plates to decorations and packaging, the amount of waste generated by events can be overwhelming. We at Ceiba Green Solutions, through our Zero-waste event approach aim to reduce the amount of waste produced by events by using sustainable practices and minimizing waste.

The benefits of Waste-Free Events are plentiful :

1 - Comply with Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016
2 - Protecting the environment by conserving natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and preventing pollution.
3 - Saving money on waste disposal fees, purchasing disposable items, and other associated costs.
4 - Enhancing the event experience for attendees, as they demonstrate the commitment of the organizers to environmental sustainability.

How Do we Do it?
We strategize and implement solutions, by working with event planners and vendors around:

Waste Avoidance: Measures will be taken for the greatest possible avoidance of waste in and around the venue
Waste Reduction: Packaging-free and multi-use systems will be used as far as possible in all areas to reduce quantities of waste.
Waste Segregation: Separate collection systems will be set up for biowaste, packaging materials, paper, glass, sanitary and residual refuse at each venue, in order that these types of waste can be completely separated and made available for recycling, composting and other purposes.
Waste Education : Interactive ways to engage attendees with signages and boards
Waste Reporting : We provide an Impact report mentioning the amount of waste diverted from landfills & resources saved.